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Metro Crepes
Photo by Arlene Romana

Born of a perfectionism that only the French can muster, this mini-chain is especially good for its delicious quiches. The chorizo quiche at Boulange De Cole wins the Goldilocks award for being not-too-spicy and not-too-bland, with sausage that's not-too-oily, making it one clean, neat, tasty little egg pie.

1000 Cole, SF. (415) 242-2442, www.baybread.com


It's a safe bet that half the police, thieves, judges, and trial lawyers in this city already know about the taco truck across from the San Francisco courthouse. Try the hefty breakfast burrito with a choice of chorizo, bacon, ham, or potatoes any time of day: cashiers don't bat an eye when one's ordered at 2 p.m. They just start frying them eggs 'n' bakey and get it out in about six minutes. And hey, if you've got to go up the river — don't do it on an empty stomach.

Harriet and Bryant streets, SF


For those morning ferry commuters, stop by this little shop in the Ferry Building. Featuring some of the recipes from Lulu, its big sister on Folsom, the menu includes two fancy-pants baked egg sandwiches with fontina cheese and heirloom tomatoes. One comes with roasted peppers and scallions, the other with sausage. Since both are served on levain bread, you're sure to remember the complex flavor of this sandwich no matter how quickly you eat it.

Ferry Building, SF.

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