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Doing so is unchivalrous, at best. I have a shocking suggestion though, which we may never be able to prove true or false now, but it's worth making anyway. What are the chances that all this talk of breath-play and death-play is beside the point because he didn't choke you out and didn't mean to: he merely meant to do what he did — put his hands on your throat to give you both a little "what if I actually kept squeezing, not that I would" thrill? A feint, as it were?

Still a bad game, but not necessarily anything so serious that we have to go dragging Jay Wiseman and the American Psychiatric Association into this.

I can imagine why it would be bothering you, but I wouldn't put a huge amount of energy into it. If you're already in touch with him, I could see how a quick, light-handed, "Oh and by the way, what the fuck ...?" could be just the thing, though. *


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