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DJ Mark Farina shrooms, Umoja Hi-Fi booms, and NonStop Bhangra blooms
NonStop Bhangra hits five

SUPER EGO Gurl, she 'sploded. Such as! LoveFest was killer; everyone's ready to party, yes to the hell. Fuck the Dow — we're riding high. And as I gingerly picked my glitter-stilettoed way over the limp bodies of the underaged strewn about the Civic Center pavement — bonjour, toxicity — I couldn't help but get a tad tickly at the sudden blast of youth, however wobbly and wide-eyed, tripping onto the scene. Do they teach Electro Appreciation in high schools now, right between Online Shopping and Intro to Twitter? Children, check your levels, though. Messy's no must to feel the love. Signed, One Who's Too Famous for Puking on Dance Floors. That's my Indian rave name.

Fave fest freakouts: Nikola Baytala serenely dropping Joey Beltram's 17-year-old barnburner "Energy Flash" at the Kontrol float; Doc Martin flooding the Stompies with Royal House's "Can U Party," Honey Soundsystem's way-too-high-concept "Death of Shade" gay funeral, Method1 and Emcee Child breaking dubwise with Lower Haighters, Temple's solar-powered rainbow pillars, and the "wha???" Donate4Life float, complete with flashing aorta and sexy nurses. Total acid disaster visual.

Only beef: where the ladies at? There was more estrogen behind SF decks a decade ago — not saying, just saying. Now, let's carry the happy shit into fall, shall we? The lights in the sky are low, and the darker the earlier the better, say I.


If you miss out on this beloved bhangra blowout's quintennial, you'll be sari! I totally just got myself banned for life with that weak pun-jab, so more space on the dance floor for you to twirl and twinkle with the amazing dholRhythms dancers to DJ Jimmy Love's desi bhang-bhang.

Sat/18, 9 p.m., $15–$20. Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell, SF. (415) 861-2011,


Once upon a time there was something called the Internet Boom, and everyone tried to out-ultralounge one another in an acid-jazz frenzy of chocotinis and bottle service, to fill the bleak emptiness inside. Luckily, one big-name DJ named Mark Farina created one of the loveliest and most lasting mixes of that scary, scary time, Mushroom Jazz (Om). Now he's back with a sixth installment of the 'shrooming series, and a killer release party to reboot.

Sat/18, 10 p.m., $15–$20. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. (415) 626-7001,


Jeebus, I chafe when teh geigh from LA land here to show us how to throw a cute homo party. We know — we're just not all showy about it. But I gotta give the City of Angels' edgy, couture-driven Society shindig peeps props. Their energetically fey galas have become the underground toast of the limp-wristed coast.

Sun/19, 9 p.m., $5. Etiquette, 1108 Market, SF. (415) 863-3929,


It sucks to be crushed out on an entire soundsystem — the texting bills are astronomical. So why's dread bass wonderland monthly Surya Dub, after kicking dubstep dust up with the amazing Bug and Warrior Queen show in September, gotta get my thumbs all itchy by bringing in this truly classic, 15-year-old, heavy-heavy monster sound Cali crew? Fireworks, steppers, fireworks.

Oct. 25, 10 p.m., $10. Six, 60 Sixth St., SF. (415) 863-1221,

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