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Lots of people would rather hear that their partner has a dangerous, progressive disease than that he's bored, but don't freak out. If you're just getting into the fun, kinky part together, it's unlikely that he's bored already. He may be worried about something, or fixating on something even kinkier that he's afraid to ask for but that you might feel like offering if only you knew what it was. And he might simply be aging out of the sorts of stimulation that did it for him before and need rougher handling, which you can certainly provide. Watch what he's doing with the successful handiwork — where is he stroking, how hard and how fast? Once you know what's working, you can try re-creating the sensations in a way that gets and keeps you involved. Nobody said you can't use your hand (or his) during a blow job, right? Or during what the guy in the first letter would insist all men like better anyway?



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