Anniversary Issue: A city transformed - Page 3

Fighting the power structure, and building a sustainable community, for 42 amazing years

most of the nation's biggest cities, the once-upstart weeklies are owned by big national chains.
But in San Francisco, the paper Bruce Brugmann and Jean Dibble founded in 1966 is still the paper that Bruce Brugmann and Jean Dibble run in 2008.
The Guardian was always both a newspaper and small business. Unlike a lot of the wild and wonderful publications that flourished in San Francisco in the 1960s, the Guardian was built to last. Bruce and Jean decided from the start that this would be their life's work — and although it was a bit dicey at times, the paper has survived and grown into one of the most influential weeklies in the country.
The Guardian was always a part of San Francisco. We believe in this city, in this community, in its life and culture and grassroots politics. We've always taken an active role in trying to improve the place where we live and work, and we're proud of it.
Over the years that has meant exposing the corrupt (and secretive) gang that was trying to turn San Francisco into another Manhattan. It's meant publishing a pioneering cost-benefit study showing that high-rise office development costs the city more in services than it generates in taxes. It's meant funding and publishing the first major local study showing that small businesses create most of the net new jobs in San Francisco. It's meant revealing how PG&E violates federal law and steals cheap power from San Francisco. It's meant competing with — and writing about — the local daily newspaper monopoly. It's meant fighting privatization, from the Presidio to City Hall, and pushing for a Sunshine Ordinance to keep the politicians honest. It's meant siding with the neighborhoods and the artists and the tenants against what we've called the economic cleansing of San Francisco.
And this year, it means promoting a real vision of what a sustainable city would look like. Which is, really, what the Guardian has been about all these 42 amazing years. *