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If you think it's a really horrible idea, that's OK with me too.

If you really want to do it yourself, and he really wants you to, and you are able to find some enjoyment in it for yourself, and he makes and keeps agreements about any extramural activities you can live with and agree to, then I think yeah, there's a chance here. That's a lot of ifs, though, and I am uncomfortable with the idea of his being paid back for betraying you with your going way way way out of your way to make sure his every urge is gratified. You're the top now — do you feel like gratifying him? It would be nice if you could make physically punishing him feel like payback to you but I'm afraid that is the stuff of S-M fantasy. In real life, the worst case scenario might go more like: you punish him, he likes it, and you're stuck serving him by beating him. People talk a lot about topping from the bottom; don't get stuck bottoming from the top.



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