Taxi merger - Page 4

With big changes in store for taxicab regulation, drivers fear ulterior motives by city officials and industry executives

The taxi industry brings about $1.6 million in revenue to the city, mostly from fees paid by 1,500 medallion holders and about 7,000 drivers. However, "Fees do not currently meet the city's cost recovery needs," according to a Taxi Commission merger report. "Both Taxi Commission and Taxi Detail are understaffed and additional enforcement personnel are needed."

MTA's True said, "We expect some cost savings or at least increased efficiencies," when asked how the merger will affect the MTA's budget. "When it comes to changing Prop. K, raising fees, or adjusting how medallions are allocated," True said, "I can't say that it's not on the table ... In the last several months the focus has been on procedural issues. I think that policy questions will largely come post-merger."