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But if your current difficulty is global, occurring whether or not you've been drinking, rather than just the result of a binge-y night, then I'm a little worried. Drinking a whole lot a whole lot can cause long-term damage — it can mess up testosterone production among other ills — so I'd be happier hearing that you can get a hard-on (and that your balls aren't shrinking), it's just that you often don't because you've often been drinking. Dude, see a doctor. I cannot guarantee he or she won't be judgmental (I can pretty much guarantee s/he will, actually). But buck up and find out if there's something really going wrong.

While you've got the doctor's attention, you've got a chance to ask for Viagra or one of its little friends. Getting a hard-on is not going to solve all your problems but at least it would be pleasant while it lasted.

I close with this helpful suggestion from the official Viagra patient information Web site: "To help avoid symptoms of ED, it's best to avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol before having sex."

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