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Unapologetic collaborator Kevin Killian on Pepsi, Joe Jonas' eyebrows, and Action Kylie

And it's the same old story: she is fabulous, it just took me a while to understand how. But it was a great period to be a fan. I think my essay was written in that tone.

SFBG Your Amazon reviews could be a conceptual project. Some of the lines are really killer, such as your description of Joe Jonas' eyebrows being "like crow feathers — feathers from a 600-pound crow."

KK Well, when you do something every day ... I had written about a thousand [reviews] before I realized that was an enormous number. I'd write three or four a day, and sometimes they'd be in themes: I'd pick up a dictionary and see a word — "midnight" is one I remember. I'd realize I knew a lot about books with "midnight" in the title — or movies, or records — so I would just do 40 of them, all about midnight. Maybe here or there there'd be something I actually didn't read.

SFBG I wanted to ask about the Kylie lyrics that preface your book, "These are the dreams of an impossible princess."

KK It comes from an actual LP called Impossible Princess (Deconstruction, 1998). She took the name from Billy Childish, who had a book of poetry called Dreams of an Impossible Princess.

I'm having a book out next summer from City Lights, and it's called Impossible Princess. It's impossible for me to be a princess because I'm a man, beyond everything else, and there's that kind of futility, that ambition to be something other than what you are, that drove her, and that drove me, I guess. Every year you're alive, you'll see some possibilities diminishing behind you, things you'll never be. The good thing is, new windows open up, things you never thought you'd want. I never thought I'd write about Kylie Minogue, and what's worse is that I can't stop writing about her, either.


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