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And I'd guess that your husband is suffering from a combination of acquired low libido caused by not having much sex or much passion at home, plus low testosterone ( "doesn't like blow jobs" all of a sudden is cause for concern). That last one can actually be tested, and I'd be happy to be proved wrong but even happier to be proved right, since all it would take is a little supplementation and, as they say (confusingly), Bob's your uncle.

But you know what? This is a really stupid thing to play guessing-games about. Your husband is sitting right there and he doesn't really look all that busy, you know? What did you say when he made his startling pronouncement? Did you actually ask him if he's always felt pretty much asexual (in which case, sucks to be you) or if it's only recently seemed like something other people crave in a way he just doesn't get? Maybe you need to have more sex to get more sex, or maybe you need to come to terms with a sexless marriage, but either way you'd best get busy.



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