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The Board of Supervisors' new progressive majority won its first big vote, but rougher roads lie ahead

But Newsom has indicated that he would veto it, thus requiring eight supervisors to override. "Aaron had the right to do what he did, but in some ways he rushed the discussion, so it's been a bit rockier than it otherwise might have been," Dufty told us, noting that he's still open to supporting a June ballot measure. "There is no way to avoid spending cuts, and we need more revenues and more givebacks from public employees ... I think labor is spending a significant amount of time with the mayor, and he's making a strong effort to work with the board. I'm trying to encourage us all to work together to the maximum extent possible."

In fact, San Francisco Labor Council director Tim Paulson told the Guardian he couldn't talk about the tax measures yet because of intense ongoing discussions. Ballard said Newsom might be open to tax measures in November, telling the Guardian, "Ideally we could do it all by streamlining government, reducing spending, etc. But the mayor lives in the real world and so he is open to the possibility of a revenue measure with a broad base of support."

So, can the new board president help coalesce the broad base of support that he'll need to avoid cuts that would especially hurt the progressive base of unions, tenants, social service providers, affordable housing activists, and others who believe that government plays an important role in addressing social problems and inequities?

"In light of the global meltdown, national slowdown, local crisis, and largest budget deficit in history, I believe this board understands the importance of unity and working together," Chiu told his colleagues. "We don't have time for the politics of personality when we have the highest murder rate in 10 years, when businesses are failing, and the budget deficit grows exponentially."

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