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IndieFest takes a peek inside Japanese sex cinema
Sexy Battle Girls

Sent to a private school where "bad" students are sold to politicians as sex slaves and ballpoint pens are shot like deadly arrows, she combats perils including one highly exotic dildo you won't find at Good Vibrations.

Shuji Kataoka's same-year S+M Hunter features a titular character outfitted spaghetti western–style with cowboy boots, priest's collar, a skull's-head eyepatch, Morricone-type musical theme, and extraordinary erotic-lassoing abilities. But he and fellow "Pleasure Dungeon" habitués meet their match in the Bombers, a man-hating (and gay-man molesting) girl gang à la H.G. Lewis' She-Devils on Wheels (1968). If you've yearned for a battle of the sexes encompassing gratuitous Nazi regalia and pervasive retro disco woo! woo! — well, prepare to be satiated.


Feb. 5–22, most shows $11

Roxie, 3117 16th St., SF; Victoria, 2961 16th St., SF; and Shattuck, 2230 Shattuck, Berk.

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