Heterosexuality on parade



Dear Andrea:

During sexual intercourse, what techniques can the woman do with her vagina to make sex feel really good for the man?



Dear Trix:

Why is this question making me laugh? I'm afraid it might be — I'm almost positive it is — the indelibly etched sequence from an early South Park episode, the one where Winona Ryder shoots ping-pong balls ... well, maybe you had to have been there. But it's making me laugh, anyway.

So, what can you do with your vagina that doesn't involve ping-pong balls? You do know you don't have to do all that much, right, since the vagina is pretty much already designed evolved to feel good to penises? Unless there is a terrible size mismatch (in either direction, but I was thinking small M/big F), the man is not likely to have too many complaints. Aside from that, oddly, the answer actually is the ping-pong ball trick, or pretty near. Those Patpong ping-pong girls and their sisters, who made that sort of thing famous, were developing their pubococcygeus and associated muscles, doing the famous Kegel exercises. I think Kegels may be overrated — they are good for a lot, but the way they get written up you'd think they could reverse global warming, revive Britney Spears' career (well, they might could do that), and figure out what to do about Gaza, all on their own. They can't really do any of those things, but if you develop a whole lotta muscle tone down there, you can perform a modest version of the ping-pong trick and pleasantly surprise a boyfriend. You can add extra lube, you can try that warming stuff, you can play with ice, but mostly what you're going to be doing is squeezing and releasing to various tempos and with varying degrees of pressure. Other than that, I'm afraid there just aren't that many tricks the old girl can get up to. I mean, it can juggle, sort of, and do a good approximation of the squirting-flower joke, but it can't spin plates or do a triple lutz or make an elephant disappear. And if it can make an elephant disappear, I'd really rather not hear about it.



Dear Andrea:

Are there things I can do with my penis that will make sex feel better for my girlfriend? It's good now, but I was wondering what could make it even better.


Eager Student

Dear Stu:

Well, look at that: a matched set! It's like Noah's ark, where the animals march in by twosies-twosies. What, you never sang that song at camp?

Sure, there are penis tricks, but you have to keep in mind that penises have many more unsatisfied customers than vaginas, so of course they would have to work harder. Unfortunately, most of those unsatisfied customers are not going to be satisfied by any sitting up and begging or rolling over you can teach your penis to do, because they need more and different kinds of stimulation than that sort of tricksiness is ever going to produce. There are a bunch of alignment techniques you can try, all which are aimed at giving her something to rub on — your pelvic bone is the best bet. Try a pillow under her butt, for starters. And try doggie-style with as much strong, forward pressure as you can muster. Until such time as your penis sprouts strategically placed knobs and spines, though (I saw that movie!), there is only so much it can do. This is why men (and dildo-wearing partners of whatever sex, come to think of it, although their penises often do sport strategic knobbies and such) frequently use fingers both inside and out, or apply other forms of technology you can get from catalogs.

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