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There have always been ringy-things with knobs and loony-looking Seussian things sold as "French ticklers," but the variety and ingenuity of some of the current designs is nothing short of breathtaking — and that's just from looking at the pictures.

There's also this fact, which always feels like a faint betrayal of the sisterhood to mention, but since it's the truth and there are options, it's kind of silly not to: lots of women will never come during intercourse, and lots of those don't really mind as long as they get to at some point during the proceedings. So you can work on making it enjoyable/more enjoyable/extremely enjoyable, and your efforts will be appreciated but not necessarily pay off in the way you'd expect. Some women prefer the application of fingers, mouths, or devices (in combo or sequence) before the penis/vagina part, and some after. For some women, intercourse is foreplay. For others it's afterplay all the way. You can't guess, so you'd do well to ask or risk just annoying someone.



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