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The second is to just shrug and go about your business. I do kind of have a preference for the latter, but I will understand if you can't let it go and feel like you have to confront.

Just practice telling yourself that fantasy is fantasy and reality is reality and many people harbor fantasies they not only can't act out, but wouldn't even want to given the opportunity. Make sure you believe this yourself before you confront him. Otherwise your skepticism is sure to show, and he will get defensive and end up accusing you of not trusting him and going through his stuff — and that is not somewhere you want to be. See why I'd pick the second option, assuming you gave me ultimate power over your decision-making processes?

What? No, I don't have creepy power fantasies about running your life, but even if I did I wouldn't tell you about them, and I'd thank you not to go looking for them on my computer.



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