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FF, I do think men and women approach this a bit differently. You're taking the rejections too personally — a lot of those guys are answering every new ad that appears. They don't know you, so they aren't rejecting you. Stick with the online dating if it's at least a tiny bit fun, but pursue the circle of friends options — all the research says that we basically marry ourselves, so hang out where you already hang out, but more so. Get as much feedback as you can about your personal presentation. (Note: this is does not mean criticize every aspect of your body and find it wanting. I mean, do you seem fun, clean, sane, and at least passably light on baggage?)

You are NOT more likely to get hit by lightning while suffering a terrorist attack than you are to marry after 40. There's nothing wrong with spending a little time alone in a cave recuperating right now if that's what you need, though. It's rough out there.

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