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More is more is more in the elemental metal of Mastodon -- plus some surprising Bay Area connections
Tear it up

Soon, though, they learned to fuse their disparate riffs.

After four albums, it is possible to point to this relentlessly inclusive artistic tendency as the key to the band's success. Mastodon has a rare kind of talent that suggests a pseudo-aphorism: more is more. Saddling their listeners with the full weight of their wide-ranging inspiration, the band's albums are cohesive against the odds, rewarding careful, long-form listening sessions and a lot of revisiting. Beneath each layer of discovery lies another, and this feeling of excitement and expectation is crucial to the enjoyment of their music. Who knows what abstruse surprises they will conjure up in the future? We can only wait and hear. *


April 19

With Kylesa, Intronaut

7:30pm, $25 (sold out)

Great American Music Hall

859 O'Farrell, SF

(415) 885-0750

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