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The Green Issue: Will SF really use its federal 'green jobs' money to lift up working class communities?
Guardian illustration by Danny Hellman

He worries that administrative costs will chew up much of the stimulus money, citing SFPUC figures that the cost ratio for trainers to interns is about 3:1.

"There is a lot of concern in the Bayview that the money will end up going to consultants and administrators when we have people who are hungry and desperate to work," Smith said.

After two green jobs hearings, Sup. Eric Mar says that he and Sups. Sophie Maxwell and David Chiu have concluded "that unless the board takes action and gives clear guidelines and expectations, green collar job creation will be miniscule."
Noting that Oakland's Green Job Corps and Richmond's solar program seem years ahead of San Francisco's efforts, Mar said his next step will be to talk with labor, environmental groups, businesses, and nonprofits to get a sense of an appropriate structure to prioritize the low-income communities as the main beneficiaries of green-collar job creation. "It's pretty clear that the [Newsom] administration's commitment to the numbers of jobs created is pretty small," Mar said. "The community is going to have to push for more."