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FEAST: Doughnuts, desserts, and other dulcet delights
Guardian photo by Arlene Romana

Bubble-gum balls, gummy bears, licorice, malted milk balls, snowcaps, whatever your candy craving may be, the Candy Store has. Just be careful — this is a child's dream world and snatching a cantaloupe-sized rainbow lollipop out of the hands of a wide-eyed tyke won't go over so well with the shop girl.

1507 Vallejo, SF. (415) 921-8000, www.thecandystoresf.com



The long glass case that runs the length of Schubert's Bakery in the Richmond District displays the most delectable selection of cakes I've ever seen. The bakery has been a city institution for almost a century, and I have no doubt it's because life is incomplete without their currant mousse and classic cheesecake.

521 Clement, SF. (415) 752-1580, www.schuberts-bakery.com


For French treats in an English garden-inspired atmosphere, the madeleines at Miette can't be beat. The tiny fluffy, moist, shell-shaped cakes are delightful when paired with cappuccinos or tea, and may induce a Proustian awakening after a long, tiring day.

2109 Chestnut, SF. (415) 359-0628, www.miette.com


Truffles are a standard luxury, one not often married to sleek and slightly cheeky design. Haight Street chocolate shop CocoLuxe dusts the top of each of their ganache truffles with a little picture that tells the flavor — from teapots and angels to gingerbread men and oranges. Best enjoyed while kicking back in one of the white retro chairs in the mod space.

1673 Haight, SF. (415) 367-4012, www.coco-luxe.com


When willing to go further afield — both in culinary palate and location — the cream-filled, egg-shaped waffles at Eggettes are worth the adventure. Hong Kongers eat eggettes, a popular street food served in paper bags punched with holes, for breakfast. I can't handle the pastel-drowned Easter-egg interior of the Sunset District shop before 10 a.m., but certainly enjoy the warm puffs as an afternoon snack.

3136 Noriega, SF. (415) 681-8818, www.sfeggettes.com

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