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FEAST: An SF guide to New Orlean's-style cocktails
Presidio Social Club
Guardian photo by Rory McNamara

Presidio Social Club offers a soothing brunch in a clubhouse setting with 1940s vibe, lots of sunlight, and a classy bar staff who know their cocktails... including the Gin Fizz.
563 Ruger, SF. (415) 885-1888,



The Hurricane isn't my preferred NoLa drink, but is one of its most popular, served by the tons at, and credited to, Pat O'Brien's, where, in the '40s, he'd pour the mix into hurricane-lamp-shaped glasses for NoLa sailors. Usually too sweet for me, it's a daiquiri-style, rum-based drink of passion fruit and lemon (or sometimes lime). But if there's one place that does it right, it's Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, with balanced, not-too-sweet, tropical drinks.

1304 Lincoln, Alameda. (510) 749-0332,



I did a little jump for joy at the Southern menu and drinks at downtown Oakland's brand new, Southern-chic, Pican. Even crazier was seeing Cafe Brulot on the menu, a spiked coffee drink prepared and flambéed tableside at historic, New Orleans' jazz brunch spots like Arnaud's. This is the first I've seen it at all in the Bay Area, so kudos, Pican. It works as dessert, with coffee, brandy, Benedictine, candied brown sugar, homemade whipped cream, and aromatic orange zest.

2295 Broadway, Oakl. (510) 834-1000,

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