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Throbbing Gristle returns to San Francisco to destroy the universe
<3 throbs

It was a publicly-funded blight whose purpose was, in part, to convert sensationalist press into a feedback loop worth contemputf8g: the group framed and mounted outraged press clippings, and when newspapers published articles about this détournement, framed those as well. This press-driven mise-en-abyme probably offers the best example of how to listen to TG. The band plumbed new depths with feedback and delay, but their raison d'être was, beyond electronic trickery, setting up circular cultural patterns that explode hypocrisy. In doing so, the creative forces within Throbbing Gristle afford themselves the freedom to play any villainous or anti-heroic role handed to them.


Thurs/23, 8 p.m., sold out

Grand Ballroom, Regency Center

1290 Sutter, SF


Thurs/23–Sun/26, various venues

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