Thee Oh Sees, Mayyors, Nodzzz

A megabill starring garage kingpins

PREVIEW "Less is more" sucks; "more is more" rules. Maybe that's just the indulgent kid in me talking, but it hasn't stopped me from incessantly barking my musical wet dream over a bullhorn to anyone with ears: more fuzz, grit, and grime; more sweat; more eyeballs rolling back into heads; more microphones in mouths. Then one day, Christmas came early. Hark! The herald angels sing. Someone heard these ardent desires and delivered to me a glittering layer cake of wondrous noise — a megabill starring garage kingpins Thee Oh Sees, incognito feedback wizards Mayyors, and lo-fi clamor popsters Nodzzz.

This Bay Area-baked rock 'n' roll show might reduce any holier-than-thou longhair into a hapless fanboy or girl — while still maintaining that hip exterior, of course. But that's okay. You'll get over pretending you're cool, because you'll soon be quoting the wise words of Britney Spears, yelling "Gimme gimme more" in reflex to the spectacle of visceral, adrenochrome-addled power. Like when Mayyors' caged-animal vocalist John Pritchard lets loose his devilish yawps; or when ax-wielder Chris Woodhouse's dirty, torrential licks get ghoulish; or when Oh Sees' guitarist Petey Dammit hones in on a laser-cut groove and won't let go; or when the Nodzzz boys brazenly wail "Is she there? Is she there?" over swooning, sun-lit strums; or when, or when, or when....

More is more: when it rains it pours.

THEE OH SEES, MAYYORS, NODZZZ With Sunny and the Sunsets. Wed/29, 8 p.m., $5. El Rincon, 2700 16th Street, SF. (415) 437-9240.>.

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