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People like me, and I'm not a jerk to women any more than I am to anyone else. I'm not attracted to doormats. What I do think is that people are attracted to confidence and are generally more interested in people who are interesting. You don't have to be an asshole to be interesting, but maybe he has become such a good listener that the interesting things about him never even come across.

If he insists on using online dating, he should 1) try instead of (look up Helen Fisher's books), and 2) never write a profile describing himself as "nice." He should talk about hobbies or interests (if he doesn't have any, he should get some, or at least get a dog), and 3) rent The Tao of Steve. — Reader E

Haha! OK, SG, get a life, or get a dog, and write a niceness-free profile. Reader E may be a jerk, but he gave the best answer.



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