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Chiu has done some good things, but he's still very new - and in this case, he didn't stand up to the mayor

He would have been re-elected, and either Jill Wynns or Rachel Norton would have lost, and this whole JROTC fiasco would never have happened.

There are plenty of problems in the schools, plenty of issues for the board to work on, and with the deep budget problems, it's going to be important for the members to work together. The decision by Wynns and Norton to dredge up a done issue and drag it back before the board was needless and wrong.

I'm way against JROTC in the schools, but even some of the people who ended up supporting it — like board member Norman Yee — never wanted to see it back before the board again. Now we're going to be fighting over this for months to come. There may be litigation, and it didn't need to happen.

Now any hope of finding an alternative leadership program that doesn't involve the military is gone for at least the next two years, and we're stuck with the Army as part of our high school curriculum.

Not a banner day, folks. Not a banner day. *

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