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Out of rehab and back to music-making, Eminem still irks -- with hip-hop once again his favorite high
Eminem again again

Now here's a plate full of pain killers,'" he spits, before ending with, "Alright ma you win, I don't feel like arguin' /I'll do it, pop it gobble it and start wobblin' /stumble hobble tumble slip trip till I fall in bed with a bottle of meds and a Heath Ledger bobblehead." Ledger's damaged Joker would appreciate those last, tongue-tying, onomatopoetic lines, pointing to Em's revived brilliance even amid the Shadiest, sketched-out turmoil.

Or blame the stepfather. Was Eminem raped by his stepfather as a child? And if so, have pop listeners ever been informed of sexual abuse this graphically via song? "Insane" might be the most horrifically explicit, yet — a credit to Eminem's powers as a bold entertainer — bleakly humorous and compulsively listenable tune about child molestation to date. Here, as with so many of his lyrics, the victim becomes conflated with the victimizer, as the rapper hints at the generational transfer of abuse: "I want you to feel me like my stepfather felt me /Fuck a little puppy kick the puppy while he's yelping /Shady what the fuck you saying I don't know help me," he rages, flipping between characters before settling on a primal scene too painful to be relegated to fiction, speaking as a boy to a step-Pater Monstrous. "I only get naked when the babysitter tells me /She showed me a movie like Nightmare on Elm Street / but it was X and they called it 'Pubic Hair on Chelsea'/'Well this one's called 'Ass Rape' and we're shooting the jail scene.'" Don't go there? Impossible. If rehab released fresh, brave streams of anger and pain in Eminem, no wonder Relapse 2 is hot on this horror flick of an album's heels.

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