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The men showed a preference for women with a waist-hip ratio of 0.7 — but only if they had an average-sized waist, hips, and shoulders.

When compared with groups of real women, including Playboy centerfolds, Australian escorts advertising on the Internet and average Australian women between the ages of 25 and 44, the latter group most closely matched the preferred body shape.

Strike one for the average Sheila. Isn't this heartening? Of course women who are substantially smaller or larger than average can still find plenty of ammunition here with which to wound themselves (the men liked average women, after all), and we don't know for a fact that it applies to non-Aussie men. Even so, it's something to remember when the heart sinks and the self-loathing rises upon looking in the mirror and failing, once again, to see Kate Moss pouting back at us. Suck it, Kate! Go eat some crisps.

In other heartening news, the editor of British Vogue put fashion designers on notice that she would no longer publish photos of ultra-emaciated models, so they'd better start sending larger clothes. Apparently the samples have been arriving at the magazines in ever-tinier sizes, until even the models we're used to seeing, who are about 5'10 and 100 to 125 pounds, can't fit into them. Not that the average size 14 Australian torso is going to be able to squeeze into those Valentinos, but at least it's a start.



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