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THE QUEER ISSUE: Queer print fetishists still have reasons to browse
Turn, turn, turn...


Men, oft-scruffy, sometimes tattooed, taking care of themselves — based in San Francisco, this publication reaches all over the country to create images that owe a debt to old amateur raunch hands such as Old Reliable.;


Christopher Schulz's three-times-a-year publication featuring one or two models is bearish and cuddly, whether depicting a light wrestling bout or a sandy frolic with a beach ball.;;


This book lists and shares samples from the ever-expansive realm of queer zines. As a zinester from the early days who attended the Chicago SPEW conference decades ago, I can say it isn't definitive — but it is wonderfully, revealingly comprehensive.

Printed Matter, 195 10th Ave., New York, NY, 10011.


I'd call this the My Comrade of today, replacing that primarily 20th century zine's drag comedy with boyishness. In other words, here's a rag for partying NYC art fags.


Still raunchy at 66 issues old, this is a classic, the daddy of them all, the one that exposes Penthouse Forum as boredom. Images by the late, great photographer Al Baltrop appear in the latest edition along with stories bearing titles like "Jockey Rides Teen's Face — Wins Race" and "Appaloosa Stud with 'Epic Torso' Overwhelms Startled Shutterbug."

S.T.H., Box 20424, NYC, 10023.;

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