Selling the park - Page 3

Environmentalists oppose Lennar's effort to build condos on Candlestick Point parkland

"Now that's a good deal!"

Observing that the organization's position is "no net loss of acreage, no loss of biodiversity, no loss of wildlife corridors," Feinstein said, "There are a ton of alternatives to this plan and no reason to destroy 25 percent of the park or build a bridge and a road over Yosemite Slough."

With Arc's studies showing that the bridge, which will cost $100 million to construct, only shaves two minutes off travel time, Feinstein added: "This is a road to nowhere. It'll cost $50 million a minute."

He also said that allowing a company to buy state parkland "sets a terrible precedent... Then every state park is at risk from developers as the state's budget woes grow. I hope Sen. Mark Leno sees this."

"No one would ever think put housing on Crissy Field," Feinstein continued. "But in the Bayview, the attitude is, why not? That whole mentality has made the area into an environmental justice community. Even when it's given something, it comes in a costly way to the community, but a cheap way for the developers."