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Ratio 3's "Safe Word" reaches out to a neighbor
Ultimate, No. 1
by Danny Keith

There's a comic frisson between the imagery and the verbal instructions: when the voice-over asks one to imagine a hand reaching inside one's body, a semi-literal corollary takes place on screen. And connections between BDSM and meditative practice becomes quite clear. The idea is a bit glib and easy, though. More evocative is Anthony Viti's looping five-minute video Mission & 14th, a card-shuffle barrage of fast-forward on-the-set screen captures of men and women at work and at play before and around the camera. At the same time that Viti's piece demystifies or ignores the rigid barricades that characterize activity, it also — like Keith's paintings — defies the rules and perhaps rigidity associated with BDSM. Here, desire isn't bound or laying down the law. Instead, it manifests as a polymorphously perverse blur.


Wed–Sat, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.; through Aug. 8

Ratio 3

1447 Stevenson, SF

(415) 821-3771

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