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Goteblüd is a treasure trove of DIY publishing
Owner Matt Wobensmith (left) with Mark
Herzog and Ed Luce

I love that spirit and dedication.

That same feeling is totally lacking in today's culture. The Internet has released much of the pent-up need to connect, to find information, to really put effort into communication. Today's pop culture is also highly self-aware and navel-gazing, and people seem more obsessed with mundane actions of others — via tweets, social networking, whatever — than creating original ideas and taking risks. Old zines have original ideas and risks in spades.

SFBG What kinds of zines will people find in Goteblüd?

MW We try to carry a wide assortment of popular and unknown zines; the more DIY, the better. Though we do have some indie glossies, we carry tons of underground music, pop culture, art, skateboarding, graffiti, lowrider, comic, and experimental zines from the past four decades. We try to focus on older stuff because it's harder to find and it gets people excited. We are always buying and trading too. I love when people challenge me to find a certain zine for them, and I have it!

SFBG One section of Goteblüd is devoted to Ed Luce's Wuvable Oaf comics and paraphernalia. What do you like about Wuvable Oaf, and what plans do you have in connection with the comic?

MW Ed's work, in one word, is fun. It's also really smart and has no small amount of sharp observations on human behaviors and interactions. It's a "post-bear" comic, but we hate the b-word. It's set in a city that looks suspiciously like San Francisco and we all write the stories together. We try to juxtapose big and small, human and animal, and we love to show people in awkward situations. It's not ironic; it's loving and earnest.

The comic fits into the store — oddly — as it is an encapsulation of so many different sensibilities. Ed's constantly referencing his icons of fashion, bad horror movies, and music — particularly Morrissey. I think it's like a gayer Love and Rockets but that doesn't begin to do it justice. Our next issue will spotlight our house cartoon band, Ejaculoid, and we'll be releasing a limited edition record of their music — which is "disco grindcore."

GOTEBLÜD is at 766 Valencia in SF and is open weekends only from noon–5 p.m.

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