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Free food. Free pot. Free haircuts. Free music. Free paint. Free Wi-Fi. Free phone service. Free sex events. Free urban adventures ... our guide to the essence of cheap

Many cordless phones use the DECT chipset, and special laptop cards are available that that allow the users to trick cordless phones system into thinking that the laptop user is one of the cordless phones associated with it.


Novice level: Miro is an online service that allows you to turn your computer into a Tivo-like device that will download the shows you want to watch as soon as they are available via file-sharing programs. Find out more here:

Techie level: Turn your computer into a television tuner using Myth TV.


Novice level: There are plenty of services online that offer free media, from, which offers a lot of free television and movies, to, which has a vast collection of public domain films. Neither Hulu nor requires you to download any special software. Or if you'd like something classier, you can download free, public domain classical music at MusOpen!

Techie level: Use a BitTorrent client to download public domain music and movies that you can save on your computer. lists many artists who offer their music for free. Public Domain Movies offers torrents of movies available to you for free.

Other options people have tried: Some use a BitTorrent client to download any movie, television, music, software, or books that they like, using a popular Torrent search engine like Isohunt. There are a lot of what you might call grey area legal media at the Pirate Bay. That oufit is located in Sweden, a country that recenty elected representatives of the Pirate Party to serve in the European Parliament.



You may be broke, but you can still smoke

By Rachel Buhner

It's not well advertised, but if you're short on money and need your organic herbal medicine, many of the city's pot clubs will give it to you, free. Some places ask for proof of income or require membership while some are more loose about it. You won't get big bags, either — typically the freebie is a gram. But while the American Medical Association and the insurance companies argue in Washington, D.C., about how to keep their fingers on the cash, local medical marijuana dispensaries are actually trying to serve needy patients.

The Green Door offers free marijuana every Thursday from 12 noon to 2 p.m. for those who can't afford it. No proof is required.

843 Howard Street. (415) 541-9590.

The Market Street Cooperative offers free marijuana every Sunday for those who can't afford it. No proof is required.

1884 Market. (415) 864-6686

The Hemp Center offers compassionate donations to all members when available; no proof of income is required. There's also free Internet access, free bottled water, and free rolling papers.

4811 Geary (415)

Sanctuary offers free medical marijuana, but there's currently a waiting list and priority if given to terminally ill patients. Proof of income required; open to San Francisco residents only.

669 O'Farrell (415) 885-4420

Harborside Health Centers offers a care package program to low-income patients.