Am I blue?


Dear Andrea:

The woman I just started seeing likes fooling around for hours with all our clothes on and isn't ready for sex. I like waiting too, except I have a medical condition called varicoceles, which means I have to wear tidy-whities whenever I walk around. After dates, I have to use heat and ice on my crotch because I'm so sore from the underwear, and I can't achieve an erection the next day (irony: if I did manage to get her home with me, I wouldn't have been able to get it up). I guess I just need to tell her that we can't make out for more than a few minutes unless I can find a public bathroom to change into boxers and sweat pants, and then back into jeans when we're done. It takes all the spontaneity and romance out of it, which I think are very important to her, but what else can I do?


Pants of Pain

Dear Pants:

You do have kind of a special case. The vericocele (a varicose vein of the testes) added to the heavy-petting-fanatic girlfriend is kind of a one-two kick in the balls. I think you're being extremely accommodating, which may make you a very good boyfriend, but this is getting kind of ridiculous.

I think you are going to have to have a talk with her about what constitutes "sex," since she says she isn't ready for any. What you're doing is surely sexual, it just isn't (a) intercourse or (b) particularly gratifying. To you. Are you absolutely sure she wouldn't be on board with something that allowed you to move further along the sexual response cycle? I mean yours, obviously, but why not hers too while we're at it? There's nothing wrong with not being ready for intercourse, or with being into spontaneity and romance (although those have been known to cause an awful lot of havoc all on their own). Still, it's unreasonable of her to expect you to go to this amount of trouble every time just because she likes to kiss. We all like to kiss, but few of us have to ice down our privates every time we get a chance do it.

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she doesn't know how much discomfort and inconvenience you're putting up with for her sake. That means you have to stop martyring and start asserting yourself. Just say no to heavy petting! Say you'd like to add in some manual action, and you'd be happy to return any favors she might chose to bestow. You don't have to go into gruesome detail about it, but you do get to say that the three-hour make-out sessions are hard on you, pun intended or not, as you wish. Alternatively, you could arrive wearing the sweatpants and the jockeys and use the escape-hatch feature in front to alleviate pressure, but I'm really more in favor of the actually telling her she's torturing you (but be nice about it).

If that answered your question, I now have four for you: What's with the changing into appropriate action-wear in a public restroom? Are you Superman? And isn't it tighty-whities? Shouldn't it be?



Dear Andrea:

Are blue balls real? I mean, can it really hurt you? It keeps happening to me with this one girl, but I don't know if it's something I'm supposed to do something about or just suck it up.



Dear B:

Real in what sense? I don't believe they actually turn blue, and I know for a fact that even an advanced case is not going to hurt you. It's just vasocongestion, all the little blood vessels and all that spongey erectile stuff getting filled up with blood that does not then go back where it came from in good time. I use the highly technical term "erectile stuff" rather than, say, "penis," because achy congestion and overwhelming frustration are hardly experiences limited to the penis-bearing population.

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