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It's one hell of a blow, though — a marriage needs special, Weeblelike powers to wobble and not fall down. I'm not sure yours has them, what with the frequent separations and, frankly, your willingness to entertain the possibility of cheating without noticing that it's cheating. I worry.

If I were you, I'd get some girl/girl porn (you can get something funky and homemade — with pubic hair even — if you don't like the glossy fakey stuff) and a nice vibrator. That should address at least some of the boredom. I'm all for bisexuality and non-monogamy and threesomes and hiring a professional and sex parties and all the other options out there. In theory, anyway, it's all good. It's all risky too, and if you're not up for risking the loss of your nice husband and your nice marriage than you probably want to stick with the nice vibrator. It's not that it will all blow up in your face the second you try to introduce a new person or element, it's just that it could. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" is a good adage but it does have a corollary: "nothing ventured, nothing lost!"

And don't cheat.



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