The elephant in the shroom - Page 2

THE DRUG ISSUE: It's time to start being realistic about magic mushrooms

It's a little too much fun, consisting of over 100 lush, full-page watercolors by Arik Roper, whose shrooms "grow from the tip of my pen without much effort." Incomplete but clear field notes by Gary H. Lincoff and an essay by Erik Davis offer tasty morsels, and the short bibliography points to useful resources such as Paul Stamets' field guides. But Daniel Pinchbeck's foreword follows the same trajectory that Letcher so carefully deconstructs. I'm afraid that Mushroom Magick ultimately presents as recreational something that, with or without New Age revisionism, clearly has a deeper, revelatory role to play in human affairs. And that's not furthering the discussion, that's a little irresponsible.

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