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Ganglians work together to create happy accidents and sound out dreamy intent

"From its rhythm-guitar," says Grubbs, "I knew it was going to be a war chant." Grubbs also builds lyrics around vowel sounds, as is evident in his use of slant rhyme: the same album's "Cryin Smoke," for example, pairs "pasture" with "bathroom."

The idiosyncratic moments in Ganglians' music express a randomness but also reflect an increasing attention to detail. These particulars are most easily perceived while listening to Monster Head Room on headphones: the back-and-forth thumps that begin "Valient Brave," the UFO blast-off in "The Void" (produced via an oscillator and space echo), and the field recordings of crickets, frogs, and wood crackling that permeate "To June." There is a charm in not knowing whether these moments were fortuitous, like the band's formation and name, or calculated. The ambiguity only heightens Ganglians' ability to bring its listener into its half-dream sphere.


With Wavves

Sun/6, 7:30 p.m., $10–$12

155 Fell, SF

(415) 861-2011


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