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DJ Mary Anne Hobbs: coolest person ever? Plus: Miss Honey Dijon, Kingdom, Triple Treat, and more
Hobbs leads the way


SUPER EGO "My mission is progression," says BBC 1 Radio's Experimental Show host DJ and left-field electronic music goddess Mary Anne Hobbs. "Everything should point to the future. If there's any reason I'm here, it's to build new causeways beyond classic sounds toward symbiotic textures. I cannot hang in suspended animation."

Hobbs is on the horn from Britain, and her droll Lancashire accent and signature breathy enthusiasm, combined with my wet-pantsed fanboy palpitations, is making it hard for me to keep up. I'm gushy, y'all. Because basically Mary Anne Hobbs is one of the coolest people on the planet, not only dedicating her considerable charisma to bringing challenging sounds to a wider audience and galvanizing a disparate community of bedroom knob-fiddlers — but also able to instantly conversation-hop from Kawasaki motorcycles (she's made a multipart documentary about riding through Russia) to late Bay jazz oracle Alice Coltrane (the title of Hobbs' excellent new Planet Mu platter of twisted audio thrills, Wild Angels, was inspired by a meditation on harpist Coltrane's "cosmic arpeggios").

Although she's been closely associated with dubstep and future bass, Hobbs eschews core genre sounds, yet she recognizes her role in helping dubstep become such a mainstream phenomenon in her native land. "I look after my small country of artists, and if extraordinary talents like Benga or Burial break through, I'm enormously pleased. But there's still so much out there."

Mary Anne Hobbs, Wild Angels preview

Hobbs laughs when I mention her maternal reputation, but when I bring up the glaring invisibility of women on the scene, she says, "People just aren't looking in the right places," and launches into a list of about 20 favorite females, including Vaccine, Blank Blue, and Ikonika before deftly nipping my typical American multiculti soapboxing in the bud. "I think many of these artists prefer not to be viewed through the prism of sexuality."

Wild Angels, Hobbs' third compilation, moves away from dark dubstep toward the esoteric, sticky-starlight synth sound of Scotland's LuckyMe collective (represented here by Hudson Mohawke, Mike Slott, and Rustie) with some West Coast rep coming from Nosaj Thing. More Cali cuts may make it onto future releases. "I'm so excited to be spinning in California again," Hobbs says. "The energy is incredible. I really feel that's where it's at right now." Agreed!

Get Freaky Afterburn featuring Mary Ann Hobbs Fri/11, 10 p.m.-3 a.m., $20/$25. 103 Harriet, SF. www.1015.com


Synapse-melting live electronic showcase hosted by NYC's Soundpieces, with the Austria's Dorian Concept, Cinnaman, Flying Skulls, E Da Boss, and more...

Thu/10, 10 p.m., $5–$10. Paradise Lounge, 1501 Folsom, SF. www.paradisesf.com


The scandalously fun transgender DJ brings her bubbly brand of runway house hoo-hoo to Temple's main floor. Solid Bump Records electro-hosts the basement.

Fri/11, 10 p.m., $20. Temple, 540 Howard, SF.

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