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THE SEX ISSUE: Get your pencils out for the best graphic porn
Lick it with Colleen Coover

Here's some highlights.

Chuck Connor and Sean Platter: the duo's Demonic Sex series pulls no punches with its depictions of satanic transformations and sexual hells.

Dave Davenport and Justin Hall: An accomplished tattoo artist, Davenport uses his illustration chops to create horny werewolves, skate punk ghosts, and other wholesome characters in Hard To Swallow, co-created with Justin Hall (that's me!).

Steve MacIsaac: As the co-creator (along with Dale Lazarov) of Sticky, MacIsaac offers sex-positive stories instead of the rape fantasies that often dominate gay porn.

Bradley Rader: Harry and Dickless Tom is the story of two homophobic truckers who screw and then beat up fags. It turns surreal when one wakes up with a vagina.

Sean Z: Sean's Myth is a superb fantasy comic with complex plots, gorgeous color work, and big-dicked vampires.

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