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The Agape Foundation has proven that a little money can help grassroots organizations go a long way

These youth — and those helped by Youth Together and other organizations funded, aided, and spotlighted by Agape — are "the next 40," Hernandez says, the ones at the forefront of social change for the next 40 years in San Francisco.

Jacqueline Cabasso, this year's recipient of the Enduring Visionary Prize, is executive director of Western States Legal Foundation, which helped form the nation's largest antiwar coalition, US Abolition 2000 and the People's Nonviolent Response Coalition after 9/11.

Eileen Hansen, acting director of Agape, puts it simply: "We fund new, struggling, barely formed groups that can hardly call themselves an organization — and nobody else will take a chance on them," she said. "When you look back at the social justice movement over the past 40 years and all the groups we've helped, you have to wonder where that movement would have been without Agape."

Agape's awards ceremony and anniversary party is Sept. 24, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Green Room, San Francisco War Memorial, 401 Van Ness. $50 donation. www.agapepeaceprize.org.

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