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Danger, Will Robinson!" It's not like ticklers write in so often that we've done this one to death here, like the guys who want to try a threesome or something.

I must have pointed out already that what makes tickling special is that, unlike other pain-delivery techniques, it also causes laughter, and laughter is easily laughed off. I don't care what you do as long as you stop when your victim or "victim" begs for mercy. That's it. I do realize, of course, that willing and unwilling recipients are going to sound pretty much the same ("Stop! No, no! Please stop!"), but what are safe-words for, if not to allow one the leisure to beg for mercy and not be granted any unless one wants it? Promise me you use one and I'll grant you absolution.

I just wish little kids got to have safe-words too. Wouldn't that be nice?



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