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Police Chief George Gascón, just two months on the job, is already making big changes
Photo by Charles Russo

So I think we need to find somewhere down the middle, that if person is arrested, there is a non-law enforcement review. And quite frankly, probably the best person would be the D.A. They determine whether they have a prosecutable case or not. If it's prosecutable case and a predictable offense that requires reporting, then that would be a good time where a flag could go up.

SFBG But that's not the process right now.  Gascón No, the process now is triggered by the Probation Department, which is a law enforcement entity. So I think we have a process where law enforcement is making a decision and Sup. Campos is looking at a process of adjudication.

SFBG It sounds as if you agree substantially with Sup. David Campos. Is there room for compromise? 

Gascón I'm hoping there is room for compromise, that is something we're trying to work with.

Sarah Phelan and Rebecca Bowe contributed to this report.

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