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Jacqueline Gordon inverts the look and sound of utopia

But they are these emblems of power and structure — they symbolize utopia.

SFBG Why did you choose to house the speakers in the Brutalist forms as opposed to the quilted patterns? Could it have been the other way around?

JG I wanted the sound to come out of something hard. I also wanted it to be a little, I don't know if "scary" is the word, but a little intimidating.

When I first started working with sound I got the idea that I wanted to make an anechoic chamber. I had read about John Cage's theory of the anechoic chamber and I eventually got to experience an installation of one in New Jersey. The walls' insides were patterned, and wedges come out in different directions.

SFBG Aside from the obvious "white cube" connection, why else did you choose white?

JG I'm interested in the manipulation of the senses and perception. I wanted to do something that was all white, but it's also a way of creating sensory deprivation. (Spencer Young)


Through Nov. 20,

(music performance with Wobbly, Nate Boyce and Greg Zifcak, Thurs/12, 8 p.m.)

Queen's Nails Project

3191 Mission, SF

(415) 314-6785


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