Time for serious budget reform - Page 3

It's time to quit with the patches, quit with the one-time solutions and fee hikes

18 interview with Hank Plante, the KCBS political editor, a testy and impatient Newsom ducked specific questions about how he was going to solve the budget shortfall. After saying that he doesn't read the newspapers (which, frankly, is either a lie or utterly shameful for a big-city mayor, and leaves him looking as ill-informed as former President Ronald Reagan) he simply said the deficit would be "a lot of work."

That's an understatement — and Newsom needs to do more than sit in his office and whine about the media. He needs to be out in public, addressing the budget crisis — and he needs to let reporters and residents and business people and the supervisors ask questions and get straight answers.

It's fine to say that at this point, nobody knows how to solve the problem. It's not okay to say: trust me, I'll get back to you on that. This is a citywide crisis, and it's essential that the public feels involved.

This is the biggest crisis since Gavin Newsom took office. It's time he started acting like it.

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