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Newsom defies board's vote to restore public-health worker salaries

"He's at the top of the pay scale," Farahkhan said, "and out of touch with everyday working people."



Service reductions that will affect about half of all Muni routes start Dec. 5, the result of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's early summer deal to close a $129 million budget deficit for the current fiscal year. And that's just the beginning of the bad news.
Less than halfway through this budget cycle, SFMTA is already looking at an additional $45 million deficit, partly because of the agency's failure to follow through on plans to increase parking revenue, such as the stalled proposal to extend parking meter hours (see "We want free parking!" Oct. 28).
So additional layoffs and Muni service reductions or even another fare hike are possible, even though Muni fares have already doubled to $2 since Gavin Newsom became mayor. SFMTA officials say midyear budget reduction decisions will be made by the SFMTA Board of Directors over the next two months.
But for now, to find out how this week's Muni service reductions will affect you, visit (Steven T. Jones)