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Stellar pies in a variety of styles, all baked in a troika of visible ovens
Photo by Rory McNamara

I would hesitate to say Tony's is the best margherita pizza I've ever eaten only because I've eaten so many good ones, and in part this must say something about the soundness of the recipe. I've never had a better one than Tony's, can I put it that way?
Since humans do not live by pizza alone — or bread (and the bread is excellent, with pesto, EVOO, and chopped garlic for dipping) — there is also a host of unleavened items on the menu, including pastas, small plates, and salads. An antipasto-style plate of white Italian anchovies ($10) couldn't be plumper, nestled on their bed of fresh arugula leaves like middle-aged, bleached-out snowbirds surrounded by palm fronds on a Florida beach in February while, nearby, lurks a clutch of Calabrese peppers — sort of like blood-red pepperoncini, sweet with a bit of bite. They could be snowbirds who've been in the sun way too long.
For a salad, how about spinach ($10) with pine nuts, goat cheese, slivers of red onion, a balsamic reduction, and EVOO? All immaculately fresh and nicely balanced, though the sweet-tooth found the balsamic a bit too sweet, and I thought the price was a little dear for what was, in the end, ordinary.
The sweet-tooth did like the chocolate truffle cake ($7 for a massive, ship's-prow slice), which was refreshingly not all that sweet. Sometimes it's best to carry fewer coals to Newcastle, particularly if the coals are sugary.

Wed.-Sun., noon–11 p.m.
1570 Stockton, SF
(415) 835-9888
Beer and wine
Wheelchair accessible

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