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After the biggest disappointment yet of his young presidency, it's more important than ever for the movement that swept Obama into office to get back into the streets

Guardian noted Nov. 17, "If militarism wins and Obama commences a 10-year battle over the mountains and plains of Afghanistan, it will spell the end of America's status as cold war victor and putative world policeman. The complex will have him trapped. The Taliban will have him cornered, as will bin Laden. America's democratic leadership will have been pitted against American militarism — an informal component of the republic since the founding fathers — and will have capitulated."

The antiwar movement needs to come back to life, quickly, on every level and every front, to demand a reversal of this misguided policy, a quick withdrawl of troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan and an end to decades of failed military and foreign policy. And that movement can and should start in San Francisco, bringing pressure on Rep. Nancy Pelosi not to fund the Afghanistan war and giving support to the antiwar Democrats who will have trouble opposing the Democratic president.

This city, and this newspaper, have opposed foolish military adventures in Vietnam, Central America, and Iraq. It's time to start beating the drums again: U.S. out of Afghanistan!

PS: The Nation has a stunning report in its Nov. 30 edition on how U.S. contractors are paying off the Taliban to protect military shipments through the country. That's a major source of income to the fundamentalists. In other words, U.S. tax dollars are funding the U.S. enemy. That's how screwed up this war is.

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