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YEAR IN FILM: To die like a decade, to live like a brother or friend
Hiroshima, mon amour

This is not sentimental. Alexis wasn't faultless, but he was that special. I remember coming across a short entry on one of Alexis's sites that not just pointedly but also poignantly exposed the colonialism of a Bruce Baillie film. That little piece of illustrated writing provided a counterpoint to Apichatpong Weerasethakul's valuable appreciations of Baillie. I thought about it this year through tear-blurred eyes while watching Apichatpong's For Alexis. "The Letter I Would Love to Read to You In Person," Alexis's essay for Nika, is a great piece of film writing. Its title is downright painful to behold. Revolutions happen like refrains in a song, he wrote. I will follow him, wherever I may go.


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