Stop the Transamerica condo high-rise! - Page 2

What's the endgame here? What does the city get for bestowing a developer with a huge basket of favors?

The Planning Commission and Rec-Park Commission must both sign off on any proposal that casts shadows on a park. And while planning staffers have come up with some remarkably convoluted arguments (there weren't good computer programs in 1984, and now we can track the sun better so it's okay to rewrite the rules to allow more shade), the sunlight issue alone ought to derail this building. But there's so much wrong with the proposal that any one of half-dozen issues should be enough to ensure that it never gets beyond the drawing board.

Thursday's vote will be a test for Newsom and his commissioners. If they allow 555 Washington to proceed, it will be a sign that city planning is entirely in the hands of private developers and that any sense of reason has been lost in the process.