Thug life

The Party Effects crew revives "true electro" by hypnotizing you any way they can

SUPER EGO Is Party Effects the sickest crew of self-proclaimed "East Bay acid thugz" ever to drive-by diss you from a doorless Grand Marquis? Will its latest online download Party Effects Compilation reset the clock on electro, looping it back to its dirty 808 roots? Is the Party Effects aesthetic — a jiggly cube of proto-gangsta CorelDraw marketing schemes from Planet Animated Gif — the best look for 2010?

OK, sure. Last year I fell head-over-broken-heels for the PFX players — Dade Elderon (famed biohacker and former Israeli Defense Forces elite paratrooper), DJ Marnacle (East Bay native hip-hop lover, construction worker, and dancer extraordinaire), Bobby Browser (Portuguese acid house specialist), Tarythyas (schizophrenic Vietnamese hype man), and ALEXIS (resident drag queen singer and party girl). Party Effects' shivery videos and its seizure-inducing Web site —, where you can download the new comp now and join an "online virtual release party" on Fri/22 — deserve a transdimensional gold star. And its underground, sex-soaked parties, brimming with unironic fog machines and laser lightshows, deliver on the crew's earnest motto, "You can dance as good as you want!"

Party Effects Compilation shows that Party Effects has musical skills to back it all up. Tracks like slippery energy-flash "Hypnojam" and oscillating jack-back "That's Right" confirm the crew's sensual sinusoidal dominance. Soon-to-be-released "Copacaliasexicalia" doubles as both a slinky chemical meltdown and a psycho-stimulant "for DJs who want to get ahead." Here's what Dade (pronounced a bit like "data," a bit like "dada") and Bobby had to say over my iPhone Facebook app.

SFBG What's the PFX party mission?

PARTY EFFECTS We have a passion for true electro and disdain for fake-ass electro-house. Most "electro DJs" don't even know what electro is! The hardcore East Bay acid thugz were created to purify the local music scene, remove all bullshit DJs from power, and reshape Bay Area music history. At first we just wanted to fill a niche that we decided was empty. The more we got into it, though, the more we realized the potential of our sound in any niche. From there, it was clear to us that we had to hypnotize people whatever way we could. That includes cybercrime, fake designer drugs, smoke, lasers, illegal downloads, and bare-chested photo shoots. Besides that, we stay up really late gettin' high and researching dance music. And that's what really counts.

SFBG Will the online party on the 22nd blow up my monitor?

PFX The party is an online event to promote Compilation No. 2 and mentally prepare the public for Neon Tropical Paradise, our true reality party Feb. 26 at Project One ( We are also releasing several albums for free.

SFBG Prolific! But why party online?

PFX We are currently coding and developing virtual nightclub party software for release by early 2011. This may be a test.


SFBG If I freebase Copacaliasexicalia, what's gonna happen to me?

PFX Nothing. It's a control placebo, but we had to stop giving it out because people were complaining about headaches at our parties. If u want we still have some.

SFBG What's your favorite string of code?

PFX Script to crash ur fb application 4 iphone:


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