On pension reform, a way forward - Page 2

Since a single-payer system that would cut costs immensely isn't on the immediate political horizon, the San Francisco supervisors need to address the problem


Sup. David Campos has moved to "split the file" — that is, to turn the Elsbernd bill into two identical measures. The move gives the progressives a chance to make amendments even if Elsbernd doesn't want to go along, and could wind up giving the supervisors a choice between two competing measures. We'd prefer that Elsbernd work with his colleagues on a measure everyone can back. But in the end, the best option is a charter amendment that fixes the problems Elsbernd has identified — without being unfair to city employees.

And if Elsbernd and the progressives can come to a deal, there's a lesson here for the mayor: if you try to work with your opponents, you can actually get things done.