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SUNDANCE REPORT: Head east, freeze feet, see movies

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Some international highlights were the Polish punk-youth-meets-Solidarity flashback All That I Love; U.K. bad-taste comedy (i.e. terrorism for laughs) Four Lions; and Danish documentary The Red Chapel, in which "cultural exchange" stand-up comics get behind North Korea's still-thick Iron Curtain.

Last but not least, the midnight section offered pleasures guilty and otherwise, as well as some celluloid pain we won't identify here. Bill Craig's uneven but frequently hilarious Tucker and Dale vs. Evil reversed the usual horror formula — here, nubile vacationing college kids terrorize the local rednecks.

Not very funny at all (or quite apt for the genre-oriented midnight category) was Rodrigo Cortez's Buried, 94 minutes of Ryan Reynolds in a box — playing a non-security civilian contract worker in Iraq who's kidnapped, buried in a coffin, and given a low-battery cellphone and two hours to raise a huge ransom. Starting in total darkness, this movie sets your nerves jangling even before there's an actual image. It is scary, surprisingly cinematic, and doesn't lack for sharp political commentary.

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